Refining the interior experience.


Since 2000 major aircraft manufacturers have proven the reliability and many advantages of working with our team. The close collaboration on design, testing, refining and production has proven to be beneficial and a great timesaver in many ways. Safer products, better environment, stronger solutions are some of the results from this collaboration

Bus & Coach

Panels tested according to the flame retardant test, R118.02 provides our customers with a variety of light weight interior solutions. Again our Design team are ready to provide support from simple flat panels to entire interior fit out solutions. As a further development Korbadesign now also offer complete bus roof and inter deck (for double decker busses) light weight construction solutions without jeopardising safety and stability - please contact us here for more information.


With the Applus Laboratories fire approval for trains, the UNECE / EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2016 requirement 1 for interior vertical panels, we are able to produce fire retardant panels for the rail industry. The close collaboration with our design team and Research and Development department ensures a fast and safe process in providing exactly the final results that our customer require.